Pay Theory Invoicing

Create professional invoices and manage payments using software built specifically for family-service industries — so you can spend your energy where it matters.

Going Deeper

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Super Security

Never think twice about security. Pay Theory builds in our Level 1 PCI Security Compliance and additional safety features into your payment checkout.

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The Fine Details

Need to know more? Pay Theory automatically captures and records metadata for every transaction so that information can easily be found.

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Mobile Checkout

Your customers get payment pages that automatically format to their device so that anybody can make a payment on any device.

Custom Customer Service

Contact Support
Always Reach Real People

Are you the kind of person that goes straight to “Talk to a Representative” on support calls? Meet Bradley, he leads the team that will be there to walk you through the help you need and answer any questions that you may have.

Receive Personal Onboarding

Getting started with new software can be daunting. We make that easier for you by giving you the option to get a personal onboarding session and product walkthrough with in-house specialists.

Support for Disputed Charges

Need to issue a refund? With Pay Theory, you can do that automatically with just a few clicks. We know that chargebacks can be a lot more intimidating. Pay Theory will come alongside you and work with the card issuers and banks on your behalf.

The Best Fit for Family-Service Industries

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Software as a Service

For SaaS companies looking to make a difference while adding lasting value to their product.

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For educators looking to accept payments without adding barriers to 30% of heir families.

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For tutoring companies, large and small, looking to add a simple and inclusive way to invoice.

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For childcare professionals looking to send invoices without adding barriers to their families.

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Child Activities

For activities of all kind, looking to accept payments in an organized and inclusive manner.

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For healthcare professionals looking to increase their total collected payments.

“Thank you Pay Theory for making payments so accessible and easy for all my families!”

Heather C
Founder of Beanstalk Tutoring

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Pay Theory Invoicing

Create professional invoices and manage payments using software built specifically for family-service industries — so you can spend your energy where it matters.

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Can I record in-person payments?

Yes indeed. Our invoice tool is built to accept payments online and in person. While we do offer terminals, they are not required for accepting payments in person.

What’s the difference between interchange and service fee?

As it applies to the invoicing tool, interchange means the merchant pays the fee while service fee means the person paying the invoice will pay the fee. Fee pricing models are complicated. We encourage you to fill out the form below if you are interested in learning more. Someone from our team will follow up with you on your inquiry.

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Do you have added security for sensitive invoices?

While our security measures are already top-of-the-line, we do offer an added level of security for invoices. You may choose to include a PIN with your invoice adding a layer of security and/or privacy.

What security measures are used to ensure payment information is secure?

We are PCI level 1 complaint. This is the highest security level a company can achieve. When you work with us, our security standards are passed down to you. You can learn more about PCI compliance here.