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Beanstalk Tutoring

Equipping Beanstalk Tutoring with a Hands-Off Approach to Invoicing

Meet Beanstalk Tutoring

Beanstalk Tutoring is an edtech company located out of Snowmass, Colorado (U.S.) that specializes in online and in-person tutoring for K-2 Literacy and Mathematics.  Heather C., the founder of Beanstalk Tutoring launched the company after realizing how many of her students had fallen behind due to the teaching arrangements made during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As Heather’s company began to quickly grow, so did her need for tools that could help manage her company more effectively.

In A Sea of Invoicing Tools, Why Pay Theory

Heather was introduced to Pay Theory in July of 2022. As a small business owner, she had wanted to accept online card payments for a while but was wary about incurring the typical fees that most online processors charge.

After speaking with one of Pay Theory’s Payment Experts, Heather found she could easily customize Pay Theory’s invoicing tool to match her workflow, without the complicated processes that other invoicing options required.

What Beanstalk Needed

A conversation with a Pay Theory Payments Expert revealed some of her needs:
  1. Accepting Card Payments Online
  2. Surcharging: The option to pass the service fee to the payer
  3. Managing Invoices in one location

What Beanstalk Received

Accepting Card, ACH & Cash Payments Online

Using Pay Theory’s free invoicing and payment management tools in tandem with her tutoring management software, Heather now has the ability to accept card, ACH (banking routing number), and cash online, through Pay Theory’s inclusive payments software.

The ability to collect invoice payments online gives Heather the option to offer her services completely remotely and potentially scale her services nationally. Additionally, allowing her clients to pay their invoices anywhere and anytime, which has reduced the average collection time to less than 24 hours.

Not only can Heather collect payments quicker with less effort, she is also equipped to be an inclusive service provider.

Choose Who Pays the Service Fee

Heather takes a lot of her payments in person via cash and check, however, a lot of her clients wanted to pay with a card, specifically so they could receive some of the perks of points and other conveniences. She had looked into other invoicing options, but was frustrated with the prospect of losing vital revenue to processing fees.

By using Pay Theory’s invoicing tool, Heather has the ability to select who incurs the card fees. This feature enables her to let her customers pay how they want, without damaging her business's ability to grow.

Managing Invoices Anywhere

Heather collects a large portion of cash and checks in person. In order to stay organized, it was crucial that she was able to maintain records of all her invoices.

Pay Theory’s Invoicing tool allows Heather to record in-person payments in her Pay Theory account. Additionally, the invoicing tool provides her the ability to refund payments, export payment data to CSV, and other invoice-management capabilities.


Using Pay Theory’s invoicing tools has enabled Beanstalk Tutoring the ability to expand and operate more efficiently. Beanstalk Tutoring is now able to accept card, ach, and cash online, thus giving Beanstalk a hands-off approach to collecting payments and the potential to expand their services beyond their geographical location. Additionally, Beanstalk can now customize who incurs the processing fees, and manage invoices in one location.

As Beanstalk continues to grow, they are no longer burdened by the time-suck that managing and collecting payments requires, so now Heather can focus on what she is passionate about, her students and their ability to succeed.

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