Making Payments Work For Education

For the 46% of K12 parents that are underbanked, paying school fees is a challenge. Pay Theory brings access to underbanked families while saving time when managing school fees.

Eliminating the barriers to education

The march to a cashless society is leaving American families behind. 46% of American parents are under or unbanked, making online and credit card based payments difficult. Many families are intimidated or locked out of using the banking system, and rely on physical cash and check cashing to make household finances work. Undocumented parents have little to no access to credit cards and the banking system.

At Pay Theory, we believe the choice between cash and credit shouldn’t be a barrier to education. Schools can cut or eliminate cash on campus without discrimination by banking or immigration status. We believe that by helping schools and parents, we can create better educational outcomes for students.

Our Mission

Increase access

Enable your school to reduce or eliminate cash on campus without discrimination to parents without banking access. With Pay Theory, parents get a great experience with cash, credit, or debit cards. Help connect with unbanked or undocumented parents in your school.

How we do it

Save time

Are you manually reconciling student accounts and payments with your accounting and state level reporting? Are bank deposits and cash management keeping you from running your school? Pay theory has a solution to reclaim your time for better projects, even if you don’t use our payments!

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Be safe

Cash is a challenge on campus. Students carrying cash, teachers collecting fees, and lower level employees leave your school open to losses or fraud. Reduce or eliminate cash on campus without hurting cash based families.

How to handle cash

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