A One-of-Kind Embedded Payment Solution

Embedding payments with Pay Theory gives you the opportunity to thoughtfully craft integrated user experiences. Save cards on file, securely capture card information, and associate custom tags and  metadata to transactions. Build payments into your user experience, rather than bolting them in.

Benefits Across Your Teams

Control the Experience

From interaction to flow, you have freedom to incorporate payments into your software as you see fit. Even imagining unique ways of adding payments is realistic and obtainable.


Build payments into your design system without resistance or difficulty. 100% customizable — We prioritize the way in which our partners can design, build, and launch.

Built for Developers

We offer solid and intuitive APIs and documentation so you can get going without significant investment or resources.

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Dedicated Environment

Every Pay Theory partner has a dedicated payments tech stack, meaning your platform doesn’t share payment rails. Should another customer’s environment suffer a breach or breakdown, your platform would be unaffected.


Adding a payment solution to your software comes with its own unique set of needs and challenges. Where most companies make customization an afterthought, we make it a feature to our payments infrastructure.

Revenue Sharing

You can build a revenue stream for your platform that can materially increase your addressable market. Not only do you get a new feature without the developmental costs, but you get a new revenue generating feature.

Core Embedded Payments

Allow clients to accept payments online and in person, provide payment options everyone can access, offer transparency with account hierarchy, and associate multiple bank accounts within a parent account.

Doctor holding a phone.

Accept Payments Online & In Person

Build specialized payments into your platform for a user experience that fits right with your unique platform. Accept card, ACH, and even cash — All online.

Hand holding a phone showing a barcode.

Payments Everyone Can Access

Payers have the option to choose cash as their payment method at checkout. A barcode is sent to them where they can take it to one of the 65,000+ retail partners in our net- work and pay in person.

An office worker viewing the account hierarchy screen.

Flexible Account Hierarchy

Pay Theory’s Account Hierarchy allows you to view and manage payment data at a company-wide level, district level, and even down to individual levels. Prior to Pay Theory, you’d see a long list of transactions from different places across different customers.

Image showing the multiple bank accounts screen.

Multiple Bank Accounts

You’ll be able to save hours of reconciliation and bank transfers. General purpose payment tools don’t allow you to easily roll up a number of “child” bank accounts under a single “parent” account view.

“It is hard to navigate through various payment recipes. Pay theory is changing that and making it more transparent and flexible for multiple people and organizations to collaborate while navigating on one platform.”
Heather Peltack • Head of Customer Success

Even More Reasons

PCI Level 1 Compliance

We pass our security level on to you.

Inclusive Cash

Accept cash without cash handling.

API Made Easy

Developers can easily build payments into your platform.


Create, Manage, and/or export anything you need to know. Beautifully and simply.

Woman accepting card payment by using her computer.
Virtual Terminals

Turn any computer into a credit card terminal.


Match your owed and due statements.

Custm Meta-Data

Take advantage of this incredible flexibility.

No-Code Payment URL’s

Send payers a link to pay for their bill.

No-Fluff Features

A payments system specialized for industries serving families.

A One-of-a-Kind
Embedded Payment Solution

For SaaS platforms serving family-oriented organizations, our financial solutions are tailor-made for you and your industry. Our embedded payments will be an extension to your companies game-changing software.

What makes embedded payments distinct from third-party payments?

Embedded payments are built into your platform. When a user makes a payment, the transaction stays within your software instead of kicking off to a third-party payment site. This allows you to design and control the entire experience and collect valuable data on these transactions.

When you send payers out of your site, you lose valuable data and customer understanding touch points in the experience.

If another Pay Theory partner gets compromised, will we be protected?

Yes. Our dedicated environments ensure your system is untouched and unaffected by other businesses.

We have a unique use case. Can Pay Theory accommodate us?

Absolutely. Our payments platform is built in a way that allows your product and dev team to build the payment experience you need.

How does revenue sharing apply to our platform?

For B2B2C businesses (business-to-business-to-customer) there is potential for revenue sharing. The best way to find out how much revenue is possible for your business is by filling out the revenue project form below.

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Is a terminal required to accept payments in person?

Not at all. Our products are built to accept payments online and in person. While we do offer terminals, they are not required for accepting payments in person.