Announcing Talli:
Accounts Receivable
Designed for Education

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Talli comes to you from extensive research on public school finances. It powerfully addresses the many challenges treasurers face. Best of all, Pay Theory is offering this free of charge to early adopters. Sign up today, while seats last.


  • Payment Plans
  • District-Wide Unification
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Guaranteed Funding
  • And so much more. All for Free!

1. Credit Boosting Payment Plans

Empower Families through Credit Boosting Payment Plans

Determine eligibility, set payment expectations, and easily monitor plans from your accounts receivable hub.

2. Financially Responsible Microlending

Lend a BIG Hand with Small Loans

When it rains it pours, and payments are no exception. Give families access to funds in their time of need.

3. Treasure Centered Invoicing & Requesting

Make Sure All Payment Requests Go through You

Using our One Roster Integration, staff and permissioned users are now able to send invoice requests.  Once a request is approved, they are sent directly to the primary guardian for online payment.

4. Inclusive Payments

Collect More by Letting Families Pay Online with Card, ACH and Cash.

Not only does Talli accept card and ACH, our revolutionary technology allows parents to pay online with cash.

Accepting cash online allows schools to accept cash without ever having to handle it. Payments, settlements and chargebacks can then be managed in your accounts receivable hub.

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