Payment Facilitation

Pay Theory’s Unique Approach to Becoming a PayFac

We encourage partners to move towards payment facilitation. When you work with us, we support you with what you need. Our crawl, walk, run approach to payment facilitation is unique and helps you move closer to becoming a payment facilitator.

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Three Models of Payment Facilitation:
Crawl, Walk, Run


Reclaim Your Revenue

Create the foundation to offer and monetize payment services to commercial clients with Pay Theory acting as the PayFac for you.


Advance Your Brand

Continue to drive net revenue, build out your merchant services, and leverage existing underwriting and compliance resources as you transition to a Full PayFac with Pay Theory’s expert guidance.


Control Your Destiny

Expand the product to full PayFac status and get the most return from core competencies like Risk & Compliance, DDAs, and existing Relationships.

Compare the Differences Between the Three Models

Operating Impact:


PayFac on Us
Minimal Impact


Transition Phase
Low Impact


You Are the PayFac
Medium Impact
You Receive from
Pay Theory
  • Minimal

  • New Tech Layer

  • Full Underwriting Support

  • Merchant Services Sales Support

  • Path to top-line revenue

  • Payments tech layer

  • Full underwriting suport

  • Your company =mini-processor

  • Concierge middleware

  • Custom merchant support

  • Full control of CX

Path to PayFac
Merchant Identificaton
Your Company
Your Company
Your Company
Your Company (via Pay Theory Portal)
Your Company (via Pay Theory Portal)
Your Company
Your Company
Underwriting & Compliance
Your Company
White label as Your Company
White label as Your Company
White label as Your Company
Settlement & Funding
or Your Company
Your Company
White label as Your Company
White label as Your Company
White label as Your Company
Sales & Support
Your Company
Your Company

Six Key Benefits to Payment Facilitation


More Revenue

As a Payment Facilitator, recognizing gross transaction processing revenue creates a significant new revenue stream and can greatly expand a company's total addressable market.


Streamlined Onboarding Process

The PFAC model simplifies and accelerates the onboarding process for merchants, leading to quicker access to payment processing services and faster revenue generation for SaaS platforms.


Build Better User Experiences

The PFAC model enhances user experiences by providing seamless, integrated payment solutions that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Agile and Scalable Solutions

The PFAC model provides scalability that adapts to a business's growth and evolving needs, ultimately creating flexibility in a competitive market.


Risk Mitigation and Compliance

PFACs improve risk mitigation and compliance by centralizing underwriting and monitoring, reducing financial risks and ensuring adherence to industry regulations.


Faster Access to Funds

Payment Facilitation speeds up fund settlements, providing merchants with quicker access to their revenue and improving cash flow.

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