Pay Theory for Healthcare

Holistic Payments for Healthcare

Everyone needs access to healthcare. With Pay Theory, take payments online by Card, eCheck, and Digital CASH while easily integrating them with your accounting tools.

Payments Done Differently

Payments within the healthcare industry have continued to cause barriers for many families; in particular, families already struggling financially. Being able to offer unbanked families a way to electronically pay their bills with cash removes some barriers.

A Platform Different from the Rest

  • Some families can’t make digital payments.
  • Narrow services create financial barriers for you and your clients.

Holistic Payments

  • Accept Cash, Credit/Debit, and ACH electronically
  • No Family Left Behind – Regardless of banking or socioeconomic status

True Accessibility

  • Create non-discriminatory “Cashless” healthcare campuses.
  • Maintain a fully ADA-compliant online experience.

Security that Works

  • Control your customer data; where it’s used and how it’s used.
  • Fraud detection leveraging artificial intelligence.

Payments Reflecting How Much You Care

A Platform that Feels Different

From Telemedicine to Patient Engagement platforms, people have never had more personalized access to their healthcare experiences and data. Now you can extend that to payments.

Holistic Payments

Only Pay Theory can help you deliver a truly cashless healthcare campus without discriminating against the un and underbanked. And our solution is uniquely ADA compliant, keeping your customers out of costly litigation.

True Accessibility

Pay Theory’s inclusive payments infrastructure ensures all patients can pay electronically using the payment method most convenient for them – even cash.

Security that Works

Our platform hosts your payments stack in a unique account structure. Interruptions on other payment platforms are walled off from yours.

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