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October 19, 2023

Pay Theory + Fiserv - Forward Toward Unified, Embedded Money Movement

“Pay Theory, a SaaS platform, will seamlessly embed financial services from Fiserv, offering embedded payments and banking solutions to software platforms and merchants across industries… With its connection to Fiserv, Pay Theory’s platform is a one stop shop for solutioning high value, unified embedded money movement applications.” – Fiserv Newsroom

To read Fiserv's press release, follow this link.

Pay Theory is excited to announce a new phase in its growing partnership with Fiserv. By combining our Payment Facilitator relationship at Fiserv with their Finxact platform and other embedded finance tools, Pay Theory will provide software platforms with a single point of access to an industry-leading range of money-movement solutions. It is especially exciting to be making this announcement with both Companies participating at the Money 2020 event in Las Vegas, October 22 to 25.

The What and Why

Our growing relationship with Fiserv will allow Pay Theory to move faster in this growing market. Partnerships like this allow us to create a platform that can deliver modern, inclusive, and embedded money movement solutions. The result is a platform that simultaneously simplifies the go-to-market and drives innovation in the must-pay sector (healthcare, education, government, etc).

Building More Complete Customer Experiences

Software platforms are rapidly becoming financial platforms, going beyond simply accepting payments. Businesses are offering different types of value to their customers. We’ve seen this create a variety of transaction types that can occur within these software platforms. The most innovative companies do this to deliver more valuable customer experiences for all participants. The challenge is to find a simple way to get access to all the different money rails necessary to make these different transaction types happen. Pay Theory is that solution. Together, Pay Theory and software platforms are building the embedded money movement experiences that will strengthen relationships between those platforms, their merchants, and the consumers they serve.

The Future of Payments is Finance

Software platforms are leading human engagement across business verticals. They are the front doors that paying customers open to interact with a variety of merchant types. Payments are the wedge to building richer financial interactions and adding more value to those platforms. Going beyond payment acceptance to create accounts, deliver custom lending products, create digital wallets, and issue cards will be critical to platforms driving more engagement with their platforms and serving their merchants in more valuable ways. By partnering with Fiserv’s array of financial services and providing easy access to them, Pay Theory is becoming the one-stop shop for software platforms to build and deliver those higher-value user experiences.

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