Payments Tools Designed for Teaching Platforms

You know your customers, we know payments. Create new opportunities for revenue and custom payment experiences for your customers by leveraging inclusive, embedded payment services.
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Teaching Platforms

Differentiate Your Platform

Teaching platforms are littered with antiquated payment experiences. Differentiate by creating seamless, inclusive payment experiences that your customers will love.
Products & Services

The Essentials

Capture Payments Online and in Person

Allow your customers to pay how they want and where they want. Accept card, ACH and cash payments online and in person.

Create & Manage Invoicing, Recurring Payments, & More

Customize our payment services to best suit your customers preferences, and manage it all within our payment dashboards.

Quick, Secure, & Reliable Payments

Our Level 1 PCI compliance, websocket technology, and processor redundancies ensure your customers payments are fast, secure and always running. 

Unique to Pay Theory

Become Inclusive by Accepting Online Cash Payments

Capture cash payments online with Remote Cash Acceptance, so anyone can pay, regardless of their preferred payment method.

Get Unique Data and Analytics that lead to Customer Insights

Get access to valuable customer payment data to drive insights that help sculpt better payments experience for your customers. 

A Payments Backend Designed for Platforms.

Not all payments backends are created equally. A backend payments structure designed for even the most complicated payment infrastructures.


Make Payments a Valuable Part of Your Product

“If you are looking for a payments solution that provides great customer service, you should consider Pay Theory."

Veta Durman
Accounts Payable Accountant at C2 Education

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Capture More Payments

Create unique and inclusive payment services on your platform, designed for the people you serve.

100% Free to Use
Processing Fee Models
Interchange ModelMerchant Pays
  • 2.9% + .30 (card)
  • 0.40% + .45 fee is never above $5 (ACH - eCheck)
Service Fee Model Customer Pays
  • 3.95% (card)
  • 0.40% + .45 fee is never above $5 (ACH - eCheck)
  • $2.50 (Remote Cash)
Generate RevenueAvailable to SaaS Platforms
  • Earn a portion of every payment processed on your platform
  • Chat with a Team Member to learn more >
Included with Pay Theory
Payments Services
  • Accept Card, ACH and Cash payments online and in person
  • Invoicing
  • Recurring payments and subscriptions
  • Chargeback dispute management
  • Create and customize reports from dashboard
  • Management dashboards for you and your customers
  • Notification Services
Developer Tools
  • Fully customizable services and interfaces via embedded payments
  • Access to payment services building blocks via API
  • Access to integration testing sandboxes
  • Developer documentation and support
  • Access to unique and valuable payment data
Security and Reliability  
  • PCI Level 1 Compliance
  • Secure websockets and mobile attestation
  • Processor redundancies 
  • Live customer support
& More...
Ready to Get Started?

Frequently Asked Questions

The length of integration can vary based on a company's needs.

For basic payment integration with a single developer, it can be as quick as 45 minutes.

However, the length of integration highly depends on the amount of customization and services a partner chooses to implement.
It is 100% free to use. Pay Theory receives a cut of payments processed on your platform.
Typically a software platform partner can expect to receive between 40 and 50% of net processing revenue for each payment.
Chat with a Team Member to learn more >
You can click on our documentation link in the navigation bar or click the link
Complete the form below and we will get you set up with a Sandbox. The time to get access can vary but typically happens within 2 hours.

When the payor is ready to check out, they select cash as their payment method, they enter their email address and will be given access to a location finder and a barcode they will use to complete the payment (these details will also be sent to the email provided).

The payor can now take the barcode to one 65,000+ convenient retail partners where they can scan the barcode and complete the cash payment.

The payment is processed once the cash transaction occurs. From the time the payment is initiated to the time it is deposited into the corresponding bank