Family Organizations

Payments for All Families

Families will be able to pay online, even with cash! And you won’t have to incur risks associated with cash handling. Our time-saving integration unifies your payments platform while helping underserved families thrive.


A platform built for schools, the families they serve, and the treasures they employ. Take payments online by card, eCheck, and cash while easily integrating them with your accounting tools.


Let your payments platform reflect the quality of care you put into your service. Inclusive payments make it easier for all families to pay online, increasing the number of completed, timely payments.


By accepting all forms of payment electronically (even cash), you make it easier for all families to sign up their children for extracurricular activities, impacting the very lives of students you love.


Offering the option to electronically pay bills with cash can go a long way for unbanked, underserved families. We are simplifying payments for healthcare and the healthcare industry alike.

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