The easiest way to manage school fees and payments

Tired of working with payments solutions that don’t fit your school and parent needs? Pay Theory is your trusted partner for the entire lifecycle of school fees and payments.

Student account reconciliation

Stop your team from manual reconciliation into your accounting and state level reporting systems. Break the never-ending cycle copy and pasting data into Excel spreadsheets each month, and start saving time. We increase accuracy while saving you time recording school fees.

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Cash payments

Ready to engage more parents, and decrease the amount of cash your school handles? Our network of retail partners is less than 5 miles from 75% of the American population, and are brands that parents already visit. Your parents can walk into any partner, and pay cash for any school fee in real time. Parents can pay school fees at the grocery, convenience, and pharmacy stores across the USA.

Coming Summer 2021

School fees

Tired of assigning class fees each semester, or when class enrollment changes? Pay theory connects to your student information system (SIS) to assign fees to classes. Collect forms and e-signatures from parents from the web, mobile, or even print and return to school. Our parent management portal allows for notification of fees and history all in one place.

Coming Fall 2021

Online stores

Looking to sell spirit-ware or other items to your school community? We offer online stores to list any item you want to sell, with tools to make the process as simple as drag and drop. Our tools make school stores that look great, without the hard work. Our online stores work with our cash payments solution, making sure everyone can use your store.

Coming Fall 2021

Donations and one time fees

Schools need every extra dollar they can get. We enable schools to collect donations, fees, and one time payments for requests outside of regular school fees. Launch a campaign via email, SMS, social media, or the web to back your club, team, or project for your school.

Now in Beta

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