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Our mission for education

Pay Theory is the solution to a problem we saw in education. Any tool or service used outside of the classroom isn’t built for schools. Schools face the challenge of using business solutions that don’t fit their needs. The result is schools miss out on chances to increase efficiency, engagement, or save time. With payments, most vendors shoehorn business solutions to the school processes. Schools pick a solution, but the parents pay for the tools with service fees. Schools spend time on manual tasks, while parents face confusing online portals. Parents and schools pay to suffer through systems that don’t fit their needs. 47% of parents have a challenging relationship with the American banking system. The result is students suffer from inefficiency between schools and parents. Parents struggle to track and pay school fees, and schools miss collecting revenue.

Our mission is to break this cycle. Pay Theory is an education company focused on how schools and parents interact around money. For schools, we build tools to help schools save time, and integrate with their systems and processes. For parents, we offer cash access, ease of use, and simple ways to see and manage balances. We envision a world where cashless schools and cash families coexist, and everyone saves time.

To help build our vision, our team has a background in Edtech and payments. Our goal is to make the difficult conversations around school fees simple and painless.

Our Team

  • Eric Fulkert
    Eric Fulkert Founder and Co-CEO

    What I do: I build teams to solve complex problems 

    Why pay theory? I started pay theory with Brad because I saw the issues for underbanked families in education and thought we could use tech to change how schools do payments.

    Background: Before co-founding pay theory, I spent 7 years running an Edtech CMS company, and founded and exited Soundstr,  a music technology company. I have managed a wide range of technology projects, and specialize in building teams to address challenging concepts. I advise a wide range of startups in our local Cincinnati entrepreneur ecosystem on tech, strategy, and innovation. 

    My Family: I’m husband to Molly, and father to Julian (17), and Clara (6) both who are high energy animal lovers who play on our farm. We have 3 dogs, 3 cats, and a farm full of animals. We are an active outdoor family who loves hiking, camping, and working on our farm.

    Education: 20 years of experience in the applied technology development industry and three paid exits from companies I founded.

  • Brad Hoeweler
    Brad Hoeweler Founder & Co-CEO

    What I do: I build teams, lead and get out of the way, if necessary, empowering and helping to make a difference.

    Why pay theory? Eric and I formed pay theory to solve issues of accessibility and financial inclusion for families.   

    Background: Prior to pay theory, I spent 12 years as a founder and CEO of Skipjack, one of the first internet payment gateways. In 2009 we exited Skipjack to Vantiv (now WorldPay) and I continued to lead the team until 2011.  After Skipjack, I founded Argo Venture Labs to build, buy and invest in the payments/fintech space.  Argo has successfully built Argo Payments, and pay theory.  We purchased and operated Fintech 513, a payment facilitation consulting practice.  And it has invested successfully in Finix (exited) and Goodworld.

    My Family: I’m the father of three amazing young men, Bradley, John, and Macallan, and am married to an amazingly dynamic wife, Rhiannon. Bradley and his wife, Molly, are expecting our first grandchild in May 2020.  John is the creative force of the family and works at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  Macallan is about to graduate from high school and is looking forward to changing the world.  Our family is completed by Bodhi, our lovable, domineering, and silly French Bulldog.

    Education: Lindner School of Business at the University of Cincinnati (BBA, Finance and Accounting).

  • Aron Price
    Aron Price System Architect and Software Design

    What I do: I create systems that help people thrive. 

    Why pay theory? pay theory presented me with an opportunity to apply my experience with software to directly impact and improve the lives of my neighbors and their families, making education and opportunity more accessible. The fact that it brought along such a great team made it an easy choice to team up.

    Background: Over the past decade I have been focused on rapid prototyping software with startups ranging from AI bedside assistants to song analysis at live music venues. At the same time I have worked helping develop an education CMS system, managing a telemedicine physician dashboard and volunteering technical assistance to political campaigns.

    My Family: I’ve been married for over 20 years and am raising two soon to be teenagers.

    Education: Ohio State Cognitive Engineering (Graduate Studies); DeVry University Columbus (Computer Information Systems, BS) .

  • Pablo Martinez
    Pablo Martinez Marketing and Product Manager

    What I do: I connect people who have a need to a platform that was made with them in mind.

    Why pay theory? I came to pay theory with first hand experience of the un/underbanked system that millions of Americans interact with. I have seen the ingenuity and creativity that people will find in order to solve their financial needs. This included everything from going to the local bodega to purchase international calling calls, paying bills in person, and going to the local Walmart to receive a wire transfer from my parents while in college. I want to create systems that include the needs of this demographic while simultaneously easing the lives of families all across the socioeconomic spectrum.

    Background: I have been a part of the Argo Ventures Team in different capacities over the last 5 years. I have worked on developing the company’s brand identity as well as creating and executing on a well-developed marketing strategy. 

    My Family:  I’m a first-generation American of two wonderful and hardworking Latinos. My family’s scrappy ‘us against the world’ outlook was instrumental in my development and pursuit of entrepreneurial endeavors. 

    Education: University of Cincinnati Carl H. Lindner College of Business | BBA 2018

  • Joe Miramonti
    Joe Miramonti Customer Intel and Corporate Strategy

    What I do: I create frameworks that harness the power of listening to markets, customers and stakeholders to build product teams that make a difference. 

    Why pay theory? I came to pay theory knowing first hand the challenges families face when income is disrupted and how that can alter important, future-building decisions. 

    Background: Prior to pay theory, I spent 15 years working between Marketing and Product Development for Procter and Gamble in the US and W. Europe on brands like Tide, Ariel and Swiffer. After P&G, I built and still manage Fedora Investment Partners, LLC,  a private investment partnership, based on my own customer intelligence model.  This model also drove my business growth consulting practice at alkeme, LLC. 

    My Family: I’m husband to Leah and father to Lucia (9), a book-loving ballerina and Bobby (6) master of dynamic addition and budding hockey player. Sandy is our giant, fuzzy dog. Two careers, school stuff and the kids crazy activity schedules keep us hoppin’…and payin’.

    Education: Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago (MBA, Finance and Strategy); Purdue University School of Engineering (BS ChE).

  • Blake A Galloway
    Blake A Galloway Chief Designer

    What I do: I design simple and beautiful solutions for complex and often overlooked problems. 

    Why pay theory? I came to pay theory after calling one of our CEO’s, Eric, for advice regarding an EdTech startup I was in the process of creating. He introduced me to the issues pay theory was solving. After hearing more about their mission and meeting with the team it was an easy decision to table what I was working on and join forces with them.

    Background: Prior to pay theory, I spent 2 years teaching secondary education, and 8 years as a digital designer for a multitude of projects including; ui/ux design for multiple startups, new product identity design for Proctor and Gamble and motion graphics designer for a range of clients including Disney. 

    My Family: My wife Emily and I have 2 kids, Jaida (3) and Phoenix (8 months) and a cat. Jaida has an adventurous spirit and is currently my little sidekick who draws with me and accompanies me in all my gardening and foraging. Phoenix is an ever-happy baby who likes to use me as a jungle gym. As a family, we love to spend out time outside hiking and going on adventures.

    Education: Miami University (Creative Arts Degree) and Youtube (a lot of Youtube)

  • Austin Zani
    Austin Zani Developer

    What I do: Help in the development and testing of beautiful and user friendly web environments. 

    Why pay theory? I was looking to join a team of passionate people who I could learn from and immediately contribute as a Junior Developer. I was talking to Pablo about the work they were doing at pay theory and he offered to introduce me to Eric and Aron. It became immediately clear I wanted to join the team to learn from them and help in tackling the unique and meaningful challenges ahead.

    Background: Prior to pay theory I spent most of my career as a Service Manager and Apple Authorized repair technician finding solutions for people through support and education. I eventually decided I wanted to help create the software I was introducing to people. I enrolled in a Full Stack Java Boot Camp named Tech Elevator and after graduation landed here at pay theory.

    My Family: I married my wife Cath a little over a year ago and we have two furry children, our rabbit Harley and our recently adopted dog Lola. 

    Education:  University of Cincinnati College of Arts and Sciences (BA Communication); Tech Elevator Java Web Development Boot Camp Graduate;

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